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Restore, Recovery & Results

National Leaders In FUE Hair Transplants


We Are The National Leaders In FUE Hair Transplants. Our FUE hair transplantation is done in-office by Dr. Nader Ronaghi, consulting retired hair expert Robert Elliott and the stellar staff at Pure Hair Restoration Center. Before the procedure begins, we will numb the scalp using a local anesthetic to help minimize any discomfort you may feel during the procedure. Once the area is numb, we can begin to harvest individual hair follicles from the donor area, usually near the back of the head. These individual follicles will then be transplanted into the area with thinning. At Pure Hair Restoration Center we use the latest technology to restore your hair and your confidence. We offer in-office and virtual hair, beard, and brow consultations. Visit us today to start your hair loss journey.


Because this is a minimally invasive procedure, recovery after your hair transplantation will be minimal. You may experience some soreness, redness, and scab in the treated area for two to three days after your treatment. Most patients are able to resume their normal daily activities within seven days of treatment.


The results of your hair transplantation procedure have the potential to last a lifetime. You should be able to see your new, transplanted hair growing in about three to four months after your initial procedure. Many doctors perform hair transplants in addition to other cosmetic procedures, but Dr. Ronaghi and his team are focused solely on hair loss. Dr. Ronaghi, Robert Elliott, and their stellar staff’s goal is to not only support and protect the hair follicles during the hair transplant procedure, but to enhance your hairline, the density of your hair, and your overall appearance.