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Blog // Hair Loss Therapy: The Hairmax Powerflex Laser Cap

Hair Loss Therapy: The Hairmax Powerflex Laser Cap

Hair Loss Therapy: The Hairmax Powerflex Laser Cap blog

Hair Loss Therapy: The Hairmax Powerflex Laser Cap 272 & the Hairmax Flip 80 Laser Cap

However familiar it might be, hair loss is not a self-esteem booster. Globally, both men and women struggle with hair loss. This gave birth to the hair loss therapy industry that saw professionals and less than those promoting different therapy and treatments to aid this.

While some show promising results, others do not and are often a waste of time and money. Some even cause more damage to the few locks you have left, permanently destroying hair follicles on the scalp. Hair loss is treatable; however, you have to start the treatment early and select a method that will work well.

One such treatment is laser hair growth therapy. These devices are favored in the market because they are the better solution to hair loss by stimulating growth. Other reasons why laser treatments are preferred include:

  • They reduce further hair loss.
  • They increase the strength and density of individual strands resulting in fuller and firmer hair growth.
  • They are painless.
  • They barely have any side effects.
  • They are manageable, meaning you can dedicate yourself to daily treatments.
  • Both men and women can use laser treatment to achieve different lengths of hair.
  • Also, these treatments are non-invasive.

There are two successful laser hair regrowth devices in the market today. Any of them could work for your situation, so keep reading to find out which of the two will work best for you.

Who Is Eligible For Laser Hair Growth Therapy?

Before we explore your options, consider if you are eligible for these treatments. The ideal candidates for laser hair growth devices are:

  • Patients with early stages of hair loss. The ideal candidate should be in the early stages of hair loss. This is because laser treatments work best if you start them early enough. Therefore, 1 to 7 years is the ideal time.
  • Those with thinning on the sides or back. Thinning is not complete hair loss, and so laser devices will work well to prevent further thinning. They will also stimulate the growth of stronger and thicker locks.

The Hairmax Powerflex Laser Cap 272

This device is specifically for laser hair growth. It is made by HairMax, a pioneer in the laser growth device that has many laser devices in the market. All these help with hair growth. The Powerflex Laser Cap 272 has an intricate design targeted at growing new hair. The ‘Powerflex’ feature allows you to use the cap at home or while on the go.

The science behind this device is that it gives energy to the hair follicles in the scalp through laser beams. This promotes the growth of new hair while curbing hair loss. The device has shown significant improvement in both stimulating hair growth and preventing loss.

Because it has a lightweight design, you can wear it under any other cap, especially baseball hats. The lightweight construction also allows portability, so you can carry the device anywhere you go. You do not have to cancel your hair loss treatment because you are going on vacation. The cap is battery-operated to allow hands-free use. It is reachable too.

Other notable elements of the Powerflex laser cap include:

  • Hair-parting teeth. This unique and patent feature parts the hair to create a direct pathway. This ensures that a good amount of laser beams reach the scalp. This feature is excellent because it ensures that you benefit well from the laser treatment.
  • Focused laser light. The thing about LED light is that it does not offer focus nor collimation. However, with the Powerflex laser cap, you will enjoy focused laser lights that absorb into the scalp evenly. This makes it a top-ranked laser device.
  • Consistent laser dispersion. The construction of the Powerflex laser cap sees diodes closely within the device. This guarantees consistent, uniform delivery for the laser light to different parts of the scalp.

Overall, you should notice an advanced design, unlike other laser caps in the market. The comfort remains unmatched, and the portability makes it that much easier to conduct continuous treatments.

The HairMax Flip 80 Laser Cap

This is a cordless laser cap also constructed by HairMax that will stimulate hair growth effectively. The construction features 80 lasers attached to one side of the cap. This means that you can treat one side of the scalp then flip it for the other side’s treatment. It also means that your scalp gains equal exposure to the laser treatment, stimulating uniformity.

Like its counterpart, the Flip 80 Laser Cap gives your hair follicles therapeutic light energy to stimulate growth. This will also prevent further hair loss while restoring your scalp’s natural growth cycle.

This unique ‘flip’ design is ideal for people who experience thinning or balding in different parts of the scalp. However, we recommend flipping to stimulate even growth. Because of the lightweight construction, you can wear the cap anywhere, at any time. This ensures you get an ultra-comfortable treatment each time.

The lightweight nature also ensures that you can wear it under other hats and caps. Additionally, it has a translucent silicone liner that protects and conceals the laser diodes. The cap is fully rechargeable thanks to the powerful in-built battery. And best of all, it only takes 30 minutes to treat the entire scalp, 15 minutes before flipping.

Are They Worth It?

On the question of whether these laser devices are worth the purchase, they are! These laser devices have immense positive feedback and have been medically proven to give results. Of course, you will wait for a few months to see these results; however, they are promising even for challenging cases.

It is always a good idea to consult with an expert before you can use these devices. Insight from a professional will help you determine first if you are eligible for these laser treatments. And second, which device will work best for your situation. Additionally, an expert will advise on any other supplementary treatments to boost hair growth while preventing hair loss.