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Blog // Ethical Considerations in Hair Restoration

Ethical Considerations in Hair Restoration

Did you know that some practices that use deceptive advertising to over promise results in hair restoration? Misleading before-and-after photos or making unrealistic claims about the effectiveness of a procedure can lead to false expectations.

The Pure Hair Restoration Center is committed to the highest ethical standards in hair restoration surgery. Dr. Nader Ronaghi, the backbone of our dedicated team, is a distinguished professional with an impressive background in hair restoration. Dr. Ronago is certified by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS), and holds membership for the American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ASHRS) and the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, a global non-profit association dedicated to patient outcomes by promoting the highest standards.

With an MD from the University of Miami and recognition internationally for his work in the field, his qualifications are a testament to his commitment to the highest standards of medical practice in the industry. Dr. Ronaghi is committed to ethically responsible and safe practices in hair restoration surgery.

Board certification signifies a commitment to ethical medical practices. Certified MDs adhere to a strict code of conduct and prioritize patient safety. This commitment is crucial in procedures like hair restoration, where precision and attention to detail are essential. Patients can trust that a board-certified MD will prioritize their well-being, follow ethical guidelines, and provide comprehensive care throughout the restoration process.

By choosing a certified MD, patients benefit from the latest innovations and evidence-based practices, enhancing the likelihood of successful and aesthetically pleasing outcomes in hair restoration procedures. This is why our foremost commitment lies in providing top-notch, personalized care using advanced techniques in hair transplant surgery.

The Pure Hair Restoration Center is raising the standards for ethics in hair restoration. Choosing a certified professional means selecting someone with specialized knowledge and skills dedicated to achieving optimal results in hair restoration. We offer world class care in a state of the art facility with experience in Follicular Unit Transplants and Follicular Unit Extraction, and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

AUTHOR: Dr. Nader Ronaghi, founder of Pure Hair Restoration Center, is a board certified physician in the field of hair transplantation in Newport Beach, California with over a decade of experience. Dr. Ronaghi uses biologics with advanced medical technology to restore hair, helping his patients improve their appearance and self-esteem.