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Blog // Hair Transplant Design with Natural-Looking Results

Hair Transplant Design with Natural-Looking Results

Creating and designing natural-looking results in a hair transplant involves a meticulous approach, considering numerous factors to achieve seamless and aesthetically pleasing results. Let’s take a look at some important factors to consider throughout the process of a hair transplant.

Board-certified and nationally renowned physician Dr. Nader Ronaghi of the Pure Hair Restoration Center, designs a natural hairline, considering facial features, age, gender, and the patient's original hairline. Dr. Ronaghi collaborates with each patient and is passionate about getting great results.

Hairline Design: The goal is to create a look that complements each individual's unique overall appearance, face structure, original hairline and patient feedback.

Hair Follicle Distribution: Re-creating natural hair growth involves strategically distributing hair follicles in varied densities and patterns. Single hair follicles are placed at the front for a softer appearance, while denser groupings towards the back provide volume.

Angle and Direction: Replicating the natural angle and direction of hair growth is a crucial step in creating a seamless blend. At the Pure Hair Restoration Center, hair follicles are implanted at specific angles set to mirror the natural growth on the scalp.

Consideration of Hair Characteristics: Taking into account the patient's hair texture, curl pattern, thickness, and color aids in achieving a result that closely matches their natural hair.

Gradual Hair Density: Building up hair density gradually is key to a natural look. It is recommended to schedule multiple sessions spaced apart to avoid an unnaturally dense appearance in one session. This ensures a balanced and natural density throughout as well as optimal results.

Artistic and Aesthetic Judgment: Surgeons should utilize artistic skills to blend different hair follicle types strategically, avoiding an artificial appearance. Proper aesthetic judgment is crucial for creating a balanced and pleasing outcome.

Patient Collaboration: Involving the patient in the design process at Pure Hair Restoration is essential. We consider patient preferences, expectations, and unique characteristics to ensure the results align with your vision and provide realistic outcomes.

The Pure Hair Restoration Center is setting the standard for excellence in hair restoration. We offer world class care in a state of the art facility with experience in Follicular Unit Transplants and Follicular Unit Extraction, and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). We not only restore your hair, but also your confidence and well-being. Your unique journey is embraced with open communication, patient collaboration, and a genuine commitment to your satisfaction.

AUTHOR: Dr. Nader Ronaghi, founder of Pure Hair Restoration Center, is a board certified physician in the field of hair transplantation in Newport Beach, California with over a decade of experience. Dr. Ronaghi uses biologics with advanced medical technology to restore hair, helping his patients improve their appearance and self-esteem.