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Corrective Hair Restoration for Failed Cases

Corrective Hair Restoration

A good hair transplant result is undetectable not only to another viewer but to another hair-transplant surgeon. There are many reasons for a hair transplant to look unnatural and require a corrective procedure. Sometimes, it can be due to the use of old technology, progression of hair loss, or poor technique. For example, large round “plugs”, scalp reductions, and/or flaps were the procedure of choice in the past but with the progression of hair loss, their results became unnatural. Sometimes the transplanted area looks unnatural and sometimes the donor area is left with wide scars and at times unnatural hair patterns that may be difficult to correct. Even though plugs and large reductions may not be performed anymore, the results of hair transplants can still look unnatural.

If the hair-loss pattern does not match one that exists in nature and even slightly deviates from this pattern, the result may not look natural to one’s eye but the viewer will not be able to articulate why that is the case.

Finally, if the assistant team does not place the right graft into the right-sized recipient site with the right hair-curl direction at the right depth with minimal manipulation and trauma, the result can be unnatural due to kinkiness, poor growth, hairstyling difficulties, etc. In many cases, the corrective hair transplant requires a tremendous amount of experience. In addition, A thorough consultation with Dr. Ronaghi will help you decide what would be the best strategy suited for you.

NAder RonaghI , MD

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